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7 Secrets to Quickly Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Many people make the mistake of waiting for a promotion from their employer, rather than actively taking steps to improve their professional prospects.

If you are tired of waiting to secure a senior position or a salary bump, it is time to take your career into your own hands.

For help doing exactly that, read the below seven secrets to quickly climbing the corporate ladder.

1- Identify Your Professional Goals

While you might be filled with a desire to climb the corporate ladder, you might be unsure of the position you want to reach or how you will make it a reality.

For example, if you want to become a CEO of a company, you might feel overwhelmed at the sheer size of your dream. However, a dream career could feel more achievable by breaking it down into smaller milestones and deadlines.

Identifying the career, you want to reach and the smaller steps you will need to take will provide a clear focus and will increase your motivation.

2- Work Smarter

Hard work is essential when attempting to climb the corporate ladder, but you could reach your goals at a faster rate by working much smarter. For example, rather than wasting many hours per week sifting through emails, you should organize them by:

  • Color-coding
  • Using folders
  • Sending auto-responses

The above tactics could help you to organize and prioritize your emails and respond quickly to recipients. You will have more time to spend on working your way through a to-do list and focusing on more creative tasks.

3- Boost Your Education

Successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of increasing their knowledge and growing their skillset. While reading industry articles and textbooks could support your current role, you could potentially climb the corporate ladder at a faster rate by enrolling in an accredited program.

For instance, you could increase the likelihood of walking into a senior position at a top firm with an MBA. Plus, you will likely be one step ahead of the competition when applying for a vacancy at a flourishing brand. The respected qualification could lead to a career in management, a broader skillset, and a larger annual salary. Click here to find out how an MBA can improve your career prospects.

4- Build a Strong Professional Network

The more relationships you form in business, the more opportunities you will come across throughout your career. To grow your professional network, you must aim to connect with people both inside and outside of your industry.

In addition to tweaking your LinkedIn profile to impress business associates, prospective clients, and potential employers, you also could mix with likeminded people at a local business networking group.

Many often host breakfast or coffee events to encourage people to chat over a cup of joe and a croissant. By doing so, you could meet a hard-working professional who could help you secure a sought-after position at a quicker rate.

5- Go Beyond Your Job Description

Make an employer take notice of your talent and hard work ethic by regularly going beyond your job description. Rather than sticking to your daily responsibilities, you should:

  • Come up with creative ideas for business growth
  • Help colleagues with tasks or projects
  • Find ways to save a business money
  • Offer to help your boss with difficult tasks
  • Use your voice and express your opinions

An employer is more likely to promote a member of staff who shows passion for the business, a proactive approach, a dedication to teamwork, and confidence in their ability.

6- Become an Industry Expert

If you want to advance in your career as soon as possible, aim to become an industry expert. For example, you could:

  • Read industry articles and textbooks
  • Enroll in industry courses or training programs
  • Follow industry thought leaders on social media
  • Attend industry conferences and seminars

By improving your knowledge in a field, you will become a resource to an employer, so you will be the first person they think of when a senior position opens at a company.

7- Dress for Your Dream Job

Dressing like a top executive cannot only increase your confidence in the business, but it can also determine an employer’s perception of you. For instance, if a company has a smart-casual dress code, look at the clothing senior members of staff regularly wear and aim to follow a similar style. Your professional style could make you stand out from your colleagues and prove to your boss that you are serious about your career.

Do not spend years waiting for a promotion. Improve your career prospects by boosting your education, growing your network, becoming a master of your field, and standing out for all the right reasons in the workplace.

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