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5 Ways to Be a More Assertive First-Time Manager


When you first become a manager, it can be overwhelming at times. You’re likely to have questions such as…

“Will I be good enough?”

“Are people going to listen to me?”

“How can I be more assertive?”

If this sounds like you, then don’t worry. These thoughts are completely normal when somebody starts working in a managerial position.

In this article, we are going to explain five ways you can channel positive and productive assertiveness as a first-time manager.

1.) Make A Connection

Most people think being a manager is all about giving out orders and bossing people around; however, this couldn’t be more inaccurate.

When you first become a manager, making connections with people is essential before giving out orders. If a new manager comes into a workplace, they need to be likable and show an interest in others.

Otherwise, other workers will begin resenting you and see you as a negative influence.


2.) Make Every Interaction Positive

When somebody makes a mistake or does something wrong, it’s important to maintain your composure as a manager. If you lose control and start shouting, people will quickly lose trust in you.

The good news is there is a way to be firm without making people feel bad about their shortcomings.




When somebody does something wrong, make sure to start by complimenting them.

For example…

If John keeps forgetting the small details at work, you can sit him down and say the following…

“John, I wanted to sit down and have a quick chat about your performance at work. I’d like to start by saying that you’re always willing to go the extra mile to get things done. Not only does this make my job easier, but also helps your co-workers. The only thing I think needs improvement is your attention to detail”

Notice how the conversation starts by giving out a compliment. This takes the sting out of the negative feedback.


3.) Keep Your Appearance In Check

When you’re a manager, you need to keep your presentation in check. This includes the way you dress, your hygiene, your appearance, and the way you carry yourself.

When you care about the way you look, people will respect you more by default. A great starting place for improving your appearance is by signing up for a gym membership. You don’t have to be a competitive athlete, just look like you work out.

People will begin taking you more seriously and listening to what you have to say.


4.) Lead From The Front

Being a manager is not about sitting back and letting everybody else do the work. If you want to be looked at as ‘authoritative’ and ‘assertive’, you need to take charge and lead from the front.

The best way to do this is by solving big problems that arise in your industry. Always be willing to put yourself on the line when difficult challenges come up and people will see you as a leader.


5.) Show The Boss Whos Boss

Being considered assertive by your team is great, but proving yourself to your boss is also important. Leading your team correctly is amazing, but we recommend going the extra mile to show your worth.

The best way to do this is by looking for ways you can help grow the company.

For example…

If you’re working as a manager at a marketing agency, you can use your network to bring additional clients on onboard. Even if you don’t have a network of business owners, there are countless networking events in almost every major city worldwide.

Prove to the CEO that you can lead a team while also generating revenue, and you’ll always be looked at as assertive!



Most first-time managers think being bossy and giving out orders makes them look assertive. Instead, this paints a negative picture and makes other employees not like you.

You need to know when to be firm but also focus on creating relationships that benefit everybody.

…because the happier your team is, the better they will perform.

And better performance and the ability to positively assert yourself in front of your team makes you look better to the higher-ups.

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