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5 Clever Ways to Expand Your Online Business Visibility


If you’re involved in the growth of a business anyway, gaining new eyeballs on your brand is nothing new to you. 

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, gaining month over month new traffic is one of the critical goals of any marketing team. After all, your business breathes on your customer base. The more, the better.

But often, this is easier said than done. 

With the booming startup ecosystem, your competition is increasing each day. All your competitors are making robust use of internet marketing in some form or the other. To win this game, you need to stay one step ahead.  

Use the same channels but with a different approach. The goal is to growth hack, not just market your product. This is the only way to stand out in this attention economy

Following are a few ways that can support this ambitious goal. 

Top 5 Strategies that Will Skyrocket Your Business Outreach

The key to unlocking your marketing outreach potential lies in building a sustainable brand. 

There is no use in gaining new traffic each day if you can’t retain this newly acquired audience’s interest. Communicating your brand’s story consistently to your target audience allows you to build a relationship that can help you drive repeat sales and new traffic. The best way to achieve this is by investing in developing quality content at scale. In the long run, your tribe, the early adopters, will help you spread the word. Invest in them. 

Following are a few ways you can use to engage your audience. Segmented by channels, these are advanced methods proven to perform in 2021. 


1. Email Marketing 


Emails are by far one of the most intimate channels of conversation. If you thought you could give it a pass yet come out strong on traffic gathering, think again. But sending those wry, dull messages won’t do the job either. You need to get creative. Here’s what you can do instead. 

  1. Cold emails: Approaching a person with what you have to offer abruptly doesn’t need to be awkward at all. Focus on creating context with your audience. Drive them value. This is the only way where your sales calls cease to appear salesy. Start a conversation here. But a word of caution here. These calls need to be made to the audience who are at the lower end of your funnel. 
  1. Engagement emails: Converting an audience base entirely into customers might be the ‘lala land’ of every marketer out there. But let’s face the reality. It’s not going to happen. You will gain a lot of eyeballs, each of them at different stages of the funnel. To drive them towards the end of the funnel, you need to nudge them. Creating valuable content and keeping the brand-audience conversation going will ensure this happens faster. 

2. Social Media Marketing



All of the social media channels have immense opportunity. But, the best one that works for you is determined by your customer persona. If you are a B2B startup, LinkedIn and Twitter might be the ideal channel. But if you are a lifestyle company, going for Pinterest or Instagram or the master of all, Facebook is the most viable option. 

  1. Social media optimization: Do not underestimate the power of organic social media outreach. But to get this right, your understanding of your target audience has to be super strong. Start with developing a buyer persona. Create relevant and shareable content clubbed with relevant keywords that can be branded at a later stage. But don’t lose your generated traffic on social media. Drive them to your owned media for warming this audience into loyal customers. 
  1. Remarketing: It usually takes your audience 7 interactions before deciding to make a purchase action with your brand. Thus, if you focus on maximum audience exposure without showing up to them consistently, you are missing out on money on the table. 
  1. Hashtag campaign: Incentivizing your audience for participating in contests can gain you immense traffic hypes in the short term. Create brandable hashtag campaigns clubbed with giveaway contests. Ask your audience to participate to earn some rewards. Nudge them to do a few activities like posting their pictures with your products. Post their experience stories on social media to win free goodies.  

3. Search Engine Marketing


Search still lies the critical driver of both traffic and sales for brands worldwide. To really make this powerful channel work for your business, you have to think through your marketing fundamentals. The core of the search still lies in satiating the curiosity of your audience. If you have to win this game, you need to be the best answer giver to your audience’s questions.


  1. PPC / PPM: Copy-driven marketing is key to your successful social media marketing. While you promote ads, try to create ad copies based on the semantics of the targeted keywords. 
  1. Organic SEO: Creating content that can organically rank on the Google search engine can drive massive ROI in the long. But you need to master SEO for that. Create conversations and engagement in your SEO content and promote as much as you can. To get the most of your produced content, use microblogging and content repurposing heavily.  

Here’s how you can do this. 

Your audience’s attention span is decreasing every month. According to surveys, it is just 8 seconds. This means your content also needs to change with your consumer’s behavior. 

Create short easy to digest content pieces out of a huge blog post. Again, if you have an old blog post that performed well in the past, recreate it in other formats for other channels. Create a short podcast of the same blog. You can do this with a podcast episode. Use an audio-to-text converter to transform it into a blog post. Transforming blogs into infographics is a smart way to create branded content too. 

4. Radio Marketing



Although more traditional, radio is still one of the most viable ways of getting your word heard by people. This can work magic if your business is local. However, if you do not have the budget, you can get creative here. Here are a few ideas you can work upon. 

  1. Web radio: Youtube although is a popular video streaming media, you can easily set up your business channel focusing only on creating high-quality audio content. This will be cost-effective yet high on returns at the same time.
  1. Podcast platforms: Music streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Saavn, and many more are now an integral part of your audience’s lives. Use it to get your word heard by your audiences. You can either drive an ad campaign here or open a dedicated channel of your brand to reach out to your audience. 


5. Third-party collaborations



If you have to grow fast in your business, you need friends. In business, your most loyal friends are your collaborators and one of your most significant assets. Third-party platforms just do the same for you. 

  1. Guest blogging: Posting content on your collaborators’ platforms or related industry brands can give your brand the initial coverage. But the key is to ensure that you keep a balance between your collaborator’s audience interest and your brand’s interest in-line.
  1. Sponsored content: Sponsoring content on popular industry blogs like Forbes and Inc certainly does the job. Creating a content piece gets you more eyeballs on your brand in the shortest time. 
  1. Affiliate programs: Extending your brand outreach in short times couldn’t have been any simpler than this. Your partner’s traffic gets you more sales and audience at the cost of a small commission. But a word of caution here. To make this strong channel work, you need to not only think of your partners as a short-term investment but also a long-term opportunity. If your partners and your brand’s interests aren’t aligned, it can create a fuzzy sense of brand messaging to your audience. 




  1. Influencer marketing: Influencers are strategic partners to your brands. Done right, they can increase your brand equity, authority, and quality traffic in very little time. Intellifluence is an excellent choice to research influencers aligned to your brand interests. Opt for micro-influencers instead of mega influencers. These people tend to have higher engagement levels and connections with their audience that ultimately leads to stronger nurturing. 

Parting Advice

Getting your business exposure is critical for early success. No wonder why so many startups kickstart their marketing ventures even before they have launched their product. Marketing your product early not only helps you get early traction but helps to understand your product viability. It supports the ‘fail fast’ mindset of entrepreneurs.  

Taking an omnichannel approach for your marketing is any day the best way to see your marketing communications. However, it ultimately is not determined by your goals but your available resources too. If your resources don’t support an omnichannel approach, start with anyone channel that your audience already is in. Consistency is key here. 

Business is about people. To gain virality, you need to focus on your audience.  

Let us know in the Comments section below what are some of the strategies you implement to increase your online business visibility.

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