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3 Rules For More Effective Remote Meetings


Video conferencing is a fact of working life these days. Whether you’ve always used this form of technology to power your business, or your new to remote working and adapting to different practices as a result of the global pandemic, there’s little doubt that this tool is here to stay. But however simple it seems on the surface, there is a definite art to homing your communication skills and holding a great virtual meeting. There are quite a few things that can go wrong – from clothing missteps to too much clutter to talking over others. If you know the tricks to holding successful and productive video calls though, you can make them work for you. 


When Is Video The Right Channel? 


We have so many forms of workplace communication available to us now – from instant messaging to emails and phone calls. So how do you when a topic is best unravelled on a video call rather than any other medium? Well, video conferencing gives you a few useful opportunities that you may want to take advantage of – being able to assess body language, keeping people paying attention when it matters and adding a touch of humanity to proceedings for starters. Video allows for more in-depth discussion if you need to do some project planning. It can also be a useful tool for building relationships with colleagues or prospective clients. Video tends to work especially well for one to one meetings with a team member and their manager, for situations where brainstorming or open discussions are needed, if you are introducing yourself or your services, or if you’re dealing with a complex topic that would otherwise mean a long stream of emails, you’ve found the right medium in video conferencing. 


What Tools Make The Difference? 


Of course, having the right technology is absolutely crucial to delivering productive discussions too. Setting up with a specialised provider like 323.TV can help you to get the kit you need for smooth teleconferencing. With video capabilities, you can stay connected no matter where your teams are physically located. Features like screen sharing can enable you to delve into specifics such as project management and projections, and make collaborative working or training sessions much easier. And if you get a headset with a built-in microphone it can help to minimize external noise and keep participants focused. 


What Should You Wear? 

Even if you’re working from home, you’re still working and so it’s important to still dress the part, especially if you are managing others. That said, it’s okay to be a little less formal than full business dress – you don’t have to wear a suit, but shirts, structured blouses and proper tailored trousers or skirts are neccessary. It’s never okay to wear pyjama bottoms, just in case you need to stand up on camera! If you are meeting a team member or a client for the first time, then consider stepping it up a notch to give off the right professional impression. Pick an area that is relatively plain the background so that you can keep the focus on you and your words. Done right, video calling can be a productive and efficient business tool – and it’s here to stay.

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